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Tile, Stone, & Grout Cleaning & Care

Over time, tile, stone & grout becomes soiled and requires professional cleaning. We can help in removing years of soil build-up and freshen the look of the tile, stone, and grout in your home. Whether you have tile or stone on floors, counters, or showers -- we can make it look great again!

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Tile, Stone & Grout Cleaning Packages

We offer two cleaning packages for tile, stone, & grout:

1) Deep Clean
2) Deep Clean & Seal

Why is sealant recommended on every cleaning?

Grout is porous which means both dirt and grease can quickly become trapped within the small holes.

Sealant acts as a barrier against spills staining your grout and also helps to keep dirt and grease from building up within the grout between professional cleanings.

Without sealant there is no barrier or protection against soil quickly becoming trapped in the porous holes again.

Also without sealant, it's possible spills may permanently stain the grout.

We always recommend sealing grout lines. It protects your grout from stains and from soiling as quickly between cleanings.

How Do We Charge for Tile, Stone, & Grout Cleaning?

Our Pricing for Tile, Stone, & Grout Cleaning is Simple:
We charge by the square foot.
(If you don't know your total square footage, we can measure before we start)

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